Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Noticed! 7x7 San Francisco

I was honored, and frankly a bit shocked, to see my own little Roadside Photographs
among 7x7 San Francisco's "4 Bay Area Etsy shops We're Into."

Here's the juice:
It's easy to get swallowed up into the fantastic source that is Etsy; with so many shops and new items posted all the time, you can end up spending hours searching...until you find the gem you were looking for. To make the process a little easier, here are a few local sellers whose work we love, so next time you can go right to the good stuff..."
  • Dreamy, sunny, colorful... Roadside Photographs feature California at its best, with vintage-looking images from the photographer's many road trips.
7x7 San Francisco: Design + Architecture, Distilled. View the full writeup, and find out information about Flock Home, Yokomono Studio, and Lizard Press, the other great Shops mentioned.

Thank You 7x7!

Olive Avenue Series at the SFMOMA Artist's Gallery

Four photographs from my new Olive Avenue series are now available for rental or purchase at the SFMOMA Artist's Gallery.

The SFMOMA Artist's Gallery is located in beautiful and historic Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.

Located along San Francisco's Northern Waterfront, Fort Mason Center offers spectacular views of the Bay and Golden Gate. Stop by the Gallery and bring along a picnic lunch -- one recipe for a perfect day!

The Artist Galery at Fort Mason

Excitement and Oppourtunity

This year looks as if it will be filled with excitement and opportunity in photographyland.

It occurred to me that just about every day I have a new development to share. In recent days I've created new work, posted a new series to my website, launched my Etsy Shop, and had a Gallery submission accepted. I want to share these wonderful things!

After months of enjoying the design and photography blogs of other Artists, I've decided to create my own. So here it is... my first post.

I'm kicking it off with "Skycab" a new photograph that makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy too.