Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elvis, Marilyn, and Liberace




It's no secret that Palm Springs has some beautiful houses. Among them, the former homes of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Liberace.

Marilyn's home reminded me of a cozy Hollywood bungalow, and though charming, Liberace's home displayed a subtlety I didn't expect.

I've never seen a home quite like Elvis' "Honeymoon Hideaway" and I hope next time we can take a formal tour or get a group together to rent it out for a night (how fun would that be?!) The home was built by the Alexander family, and has a fascinating history which I encourage you to read. It is said that the Alexanders "lived life to the fullest," and I believe it -- the exterior alone is a celebration.

As the story goes, Elvis and Priscella originally planned to marry there, poolside, but as press began to gather they slipped out and flew to Las Vegas to wed. Elvis and Priscella returned to the home to begin their honeymoon, and lived there for many months.

One of the things I love most about the home is that it simply sits at the end of a "regular" neighborhood cul-de-sac. Not perched high on a hill, not hidden behind a large iron gate... as if reminding us that "regular" people are entitled to an imaginative life too.

I recently heard a quote by John Cheever, that I can't seem to shake --

"The uptown slums are being demolished but the rectangular tenements that replace them have not a trace of invention. Their bleakness is absolute. No man has ever dreamed of a city of such monotonous severity and there must be some bond between our houses and our dreams."

For me, words to live by.


  1. Gorgeous. Palm Springs is such an architectural goldmine! I've always wanted to rent the Honeymoon Hideaway :) xo