Monday, June 27, 2011

Our First Stop, Niagara Falls

Our trip to Detroit began with a two night stay in Niagara Falls. This place is amazing. We flew to Buffalo, New York, rented a car, and before we knew it there they were - the Falls! If you go (and I highly recommend that you do) make sure to journey over to the Canadian side. I don't use this word too often, but really, the Falls are kind of magical.

Me, with a head full of rainbow.

Tomorrow begins our journey from Niagara to Detroit...


  1. Fantastic!

    And I love that "head full of rainbow". That would make a great title for something. ;-)

  2. Thanks, when the time comes for a title, I hope I remember to use it!

  3. Loving all your road trip pics, Jen. I'm itching to pack up my car now. Have a great weekend! :) xo