Monday, May 28, 2012

Me, Myself & Lyme

(-Still photo by Me, Double-Exposure post processing by Allison Zahigian, via "Me, Myself & Lyme")

As part of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, my lovely niece Allison Zahigian (above) created "Me, Myself & Lyme," in hopes of spreading awareness about the disease.  Allison has dedicated the project to her Mom, Leslie Jouroyan, who has lived with Lyme Disease for six years.

Please visit "Me, Myself & Lyme" on Facebook or Tumblr, to learn important tips on prevention, diagnosis, and living with Lyme.

Although I heard of Lyme Disease years ago, it wasn't until it hit our family that I learned how widespread and debilitating the disease can be.  Allison's Mom has fought a brave and difficult fight these past six years, and I am very proud of Allison for her efforts to share what they've learned, and help spread the word!

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