Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roadside Postcards, What Do You Think?

Lately I've been thinking about offering up a new collection of Roadside Postcards. In the spirit of adventure, travel, and of course budget-conscious shopping, I'd like to pick five photographs to print as postcards.

No extra money for a roadtrip this year? Don't you fret. Dust off your magnet collection and decorate your fridge with Roadside Postcards!

I have a few photographs in mind but am curious to know what you think.

Which photographs would you like to see reprinted as Postcards?

Please take a look at
my Etsy Shop or Website and let me know what you'd select.

The Roadside Postcard set should be av
ailable in early May. Please leave a Comment to let me know what you'd choose -- You'll be entered to win your own set of Roadside Postcards in a Giveaway set to happen next month. How's that for excitement?!


  1. I am in love with the Skycabs!!! Bottled Liquor is great too - but then again ALL your work is!!!

  2. So many to choose...two pinkies and pot pie shop are two that jumped at me as soon as I visited the shop. I'm gearing up for opening a new vintage shop on Etsy and a blog to accompany it. I just added your Etsy shop link to my list of 'vintage' inspired faves on the new blog today, yay!

    Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy,
    Tina :)