Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nuts in May, in June

I love books. Ten years ago, I was an English Lit major at UC Berkeley, dreaming that one day I'd design book covers for a living. I've always been more of a reader than a writer, so lucky for me the world lets me do both.

I recently picked up Nuts in May at an estate sale. I thought it would be fun to actually read the book in May, but I didn't quite make it. Believe it or not, it's still an entertaining read in June!

I instantly fell for the cover art and illustrations by Alajalov and thought you might like them too.

Front Cover, and ooh, la la... Portrait of the author.

Illustration from "Opening Night" (left) and "Bag of Bones " (right.)

Two of eight diamond shaped illustrations, Inside Cover.

I had never heard of Cornelia Otis Skinner "the most entertaining writing lady in the land." Her stories were published in The New Yorker, and evidently were hilarious in 1950.

Front Cover doesn't make you scream "Sold!"? -- try to resist these words:

"This is a very instructive and useful book. It is not very serious, to be sure; in fact, its sage counsel is sometimes dispensed with a frivolity and frippery about which the publishers feel the public should be are sure to be a wiser and better person after reading it."

I hope your June is filled with frivolity, frippery, and all that good stuff...anyone know a good book with June in the title?


  1. that cover would make me take a look for sure. :)

  2. I know... love it or hate it I thought it very interesting...