Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi, and happy Thanksgiving!

Do you celebrate the "thanks" in Thanksgiving? I'll be honest, I usually forget. I think I'm pretty good about counting my blessings on most regular days, but on Thanksgiving my thoughts gravitate towards food, pie, and other earthly pleasures.

So, just in case I forget to mention it while we're sitting around the table...
This year I'm thankful for YOU, and you, and you, because you've helped to make this topsy-turvy year quite wonderful.

I hope your Thanksgiving is nourishing, restorative, and deliciously sweet.

And now, let's eat!


  1. Good lord! When were you in Lompoc, California? I went to high school there (I know, condolences accepted) and passed that sign a minimum of two times a day. Unless Hi Let's Eat is a chain, which is hard to believe. Did you get a look at the menu illustrations?

  2. I traveled through Lompoc about three weeks ago when we decided to explore a new route from Southern to Northern California. They call it "The City of Arts and Flowers" I think? I loved the downtown area and hope to spend more time there soon. So many murals! Although we drove past a couple of gems, I saw this sign and shouted "Ahhh Pull over!" rather loudly I think. Thanks for sharing your comment, and for your tip on the menu illustrations. Next time, I'll stop for lunch and check them out.