Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Hangover

Good morning, I hope you enjoyed a fantastic Mother's Day. Me? I'm recovering from a wonderful whirlwind-of-a-weekend with my family.

I intended to share these images with you yesterday, but lost track of time somewhere in between making this super tasty dessert, chasing nephews around the yard, coordinating a BBQ feast with my brother, and helping my other brother's adorable family move into their new home. It was quite a weekend.

I love so much about these images. They're from the Owner's Manual that came with my parent's first refrigerator, in their first home together. I love to remember that my parents were once newlyweds, a little family of two, like Me and Josh. When they brought this refrigerator home, they knew nothing of the thousands of happy moments they would share with their children and grandchildren.

Happy day-after Mother's Day Mom. You're a star.

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