Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oakland Illuminated, a memory

"Oakland Illuminated", our rooftop view, 2008.

Today's rainy weather has pulled me from my sun-filled visions of Palm Springs, and demanded I take notice.

A darkened sky reminds me of the day I shot this photograph. On that day, as sunset approached, the light so perfectly played with the darkened clouds that all visible planes were aglow.

I ran up the stairs to our rooftop and caught the light before it passed, in moments.

A 20x30 metallic print of this photograph hangs in my studio, and though so different than much of my work, this photograph continues to be one of my favorite. Sometimes the print almost looks three dimensional, as if I could jump right into the landscape of my former life. The dark and light of the city appear so distinctly, each their own and full of detail.

Today a similar wonder, new rendition.

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