Monday, January 24, 2011

For the Modern Library

You may have noticed that my posts have been a bit infrequent lately. What have I been up to? Well, I'll tell ya. I've been up to my ears in books. Beautifully worn books.

Those of you who follow along with my Able And Baker endeavors may know that in December, Josh and I started building "Modern Library Storage Bins" in our woodshop ("Stylish storage for cd's, dvd's, magazines, papers, and other much loved clutter.")

These Bins have really grown into a labor of love and dedication, and we're thrilled at the response we've received from enthusiastic customers across the country. We even received a mention in the Ventura County Star for our efforts to reuse materials.

This weekend, the Able + Baker woodshop was in full force production mode. Parts for the Library Bins were cut, assembled, sanded, waxed, re-sanded, and re-waxed. Book spines were organized according to size and color, and each Bin was artfully arranged.

I must tell you, I love these Bins. Each Bin is one-of-a-kind special. Though it's bittersweet to part with them, I am quite excited to ship the finished products to customers!

Modern Library Storage Bins are available for purchase in our Able + Baker shop, and my etsy shop. We'll continue our "Pre-Order" pricing for a few more days.

I'll be photographing more of the finished bins tomorrow, and look forward to sharing the pictures with you. Thanks for allowing me to share this part of my life and work with you, I'm happy you're here!

(P.s. Our Bins are available for wholesale purchase too, so if you know of any shops or boutiques who might like to carry them, please let us know...!)

Thanks everyone, Happy Monday!


  1. Yea, I know, but by the time we get to them, their days are numbered. We figure its better to turn the books into something people can use, and appreciate, rather than remove them from our collective scenery entirely. If it makes you feel any better, all parts of the books can be re-used, spines, covers, and pages.

  2. Love that the vintage book spines are being up-cycled with dignity. Made in the USA. Yeah!