Monday, January 3, 2011

A Wonderful Year in Review, 2010

2010 marked a year of challenge and transition, with countless blessings in between. Reviewing a year of blog posts brought me a joy similar to that I've felt when turning the pages of a photo album chock full o' good times and memory.

Thank you for being here, for being a part of my year, and for sharing your comments and your wonder, with me.

In 2010 I set up a new shop and studio, delved into the world of Twilight with my niece (and have yet to resurface), created a new series of photographs, and then began another new series, continued to see wonder in the world around me, and thought a lot about what home means to me.

In 2010 I shipped photographs all across this country and to other countries too. My photographs now hang in homes around the world... Can you imagine?! A dream, slowly being realized.

As I continue to explore, discover, and shape what this blog will be, I'm thankful to have a place to share my work. Thanks for adventuring along with me, I'm very much looking forward to our new year. I have some fun and exciting news to share very soon... Happy 2011!

Some of my favorite posts from 2010:

First Light
Realizing Winter, Scene 1
Realizing Winter, Scene 2
On the Up
Rainy Reflection

Wonder Wednesday
Realizing Winter, Scene 3
The Airstream!
The Birds (Warning! Scary!)

In the Space Between Winter and Spring
Morning Color

Hash Browns and Honey
A Friendly Reminder
Sunlight is Painting
Studio Sneak Peek
He Plays Sound, I Play Sight
A Gift in Yellow

Small Town Portrait, Colors of Winter
Small Town Portrait, The Downtown Hussle
Small Town Portrait, Sunlight and Open Space

What Home Means to Me
Children of Earth and Sun
Days, Improvised.
Sunset, dark.

Stories of Summer, ch.2
Stories of Summer, ch.3

Stories of Summer, ch.4

Monday at the Milk Farm

We played our day like a record
Early Autumn Glow

Setting the Mood, Palm Springs
Happy Halloween

Scenes from a train window
Sunday in Seven Senses

It's all in a day of living
It's a Wrap!


  1. Happy new Year!
    I love your photos :)


  2. Beautiful, funky, fun, serene..... oh the love. Happy New Year!

  3. I don't usually comment but I thought that I should stop by at least at the start of the new year to let you know how much your photography inspires me...these photos together made me realize how much I enjoy your use of color...and fun composition...Thanks!

  4. congratulations on such a wonderful photographer success story! wishing it keeps going strong throughout the rest of the year too. your pictures are stunning and i've been enjoying paging through with rather large eyes from the pleasure of it all. love your header design too jen! stellar blog. ♥

  5. OMG...these each tell their own story. Your photos are incredible!