Monday, November 29, 2010

Scenes from a Train Window

Thanksgiving morning, 2002, Josh and I boarded a train in California, en route to Chicago. The trip would take a couple of days, and we were terrificly excited. When we boarded the train it was nearly empty, so they offered us a Sleeper Car at a fantastic discount. We jumped at the opportunity to have a cabin of our very own. I remember that I baked two batches of cookies, Molasses and Chocolate Chip, so we'd be sure to have a tasty Thanksgiving Day dessert. As it turns out, when you get a Sleeper Car, you also get three hot meals per day in the Dining Car, including dessert. Oh well, no such thing as too many cookies right?! We were treated to a Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey and mashed potatoes, served on their finest railroad china. It was so much fun to share this special meal with complete strangers. As west met east, the scenery transformed from sunny to snowy. We spent hours gazing out the Observation Car windows, and swapping stories with fellow travel-by-train adventurers. One of my favorite Thanksgivings ever...


Happy Monday, I hope you had a wonderful holiday...

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