Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

I know it's a tad out of the ordinary to post on a Saturday night, but I'm here at our shop working and thought I'd share a cool surprise... with You!

I stopped by Local Collection, to see how the display of my photographs turned out, and was thrilled to encounter a stop-in-your-tracks eye catching display of my work positioned front & center in the shop...!

The display of my work continues on all sides of the three-tiered table...

I dropped off approx. 50 photographs at Local Collection just a few short weeks ago, and I'm already planning to drop off a new round of prints this week. Thanks to each of you who encourage, support, and enjoy the photographs I create... you have me feeling quite warm and wonderful on this cold and drizzly Saturday night.

(I hope the weekends got you feeling warm and wonderful too...!)