Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Something told me I couldn't officially begin the new year without reflecting on 2011, so here goes...

2011 was a whopper of a year. It was a year of continued transition, highs, lows, and delicious moments between. We faced the challenges of establishing our business in Southern California, and the stresses that can occur within a self-employed household. Some days felt especially cruel, but we had faith, and persevered. We struggled, we made it through, and we're thankful to be right where we are today.

As Autumn approached, the leaves appeared achingly vivid, as if they had stored the energy of all the year's days. Although I felt compelled to photograph their radiance, there was a part of me that wanted to move past without capturing the intensity. I needed time to pass and seasons to change without attempt to hold on to what they offered, or forgot to offer. I wanted the leaves to fade in color with ease, and fall.

When the slightly-less-golden leaves filled the sidewalk, with ruffled edges crumbled and stepped upon, I pulled out my camera and things felt Ok again.

When I look back at the photographs I posted, I see that 2011 was much more than a year of struggle and perseverance. It was also a year filled with

sunlight and blue sky,
road trips, airplane trips, and traveling new streets,
rainbows and record players,
kindness and support,
unexpected discoveries and opportunity,
remembering our old home, discovering our new home
and perhaps best of all, the faces of family beautiful beyond belief.

Though it's only beginning, 2012 is looking to be a pretty great year. Already, we have some exciting travels planned, and I'm looking forward to sharing the fruits with you. This year I'll do my best to foster That Wondrous Time as a place of inspiration, curiosity, adventure, and of course, wonder. I'm so happy that you've found your way here...let's all have a wonderful 2012, shall we?

A look back at 2011...

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