Monday, September 7, 2009

American Industry

My little Ode to Labor Day...

I love photographing industrial sites, railroad yards, and gigantic pieces of machinery. I'm drawn to their bold colors and patterns of rust, and ponder what it might be like inside a mind that can dream up the workings of these mechanical creatures. Their larger-than-life scale reminds me that there are many things in this world I do not understand.
I like that feeling, it inspires me to ask questions.

Sometimes I get so involved in appreciating objects for their beauty, I forget that they actually have a functional purpose. For example, did you know that some machines can actually transport things from here, to way over there?! Amazing, I know. The larger point that I'm reminded of is that people like you and me, or maybe the guy sitting next to your or me, create, operate, and fabricate these machines -- People are the real wonder behind the mechanical curtain. Individual labor, collective labor, we all play a part.

Today you can give yourself a pat on that sunburned back, and feel proud of what you've worked so hard to accomplish. Raise those cocktail glasses high everyone... clink, clink, cheers!

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