Friday, March 27, 2009

100% Recycled Mount Board and The Spring Ballet

I've been savoring the lighter side of Spring, but today I'm in the mood for drama akin to a crisp wind or rainy crescendo. I looked outside to find a California blue sky, so I decided to create my own dramatic scene in "Spring Ballet."

This photograph is part of my seasonal collection titled "The Natural World" and will be available through April 17 in my Etsy

And... At Last...
An Eco-Friendly Addition to my Work!

I'm excited to have discovered a 100% Recycled Wood Pulp Mount Board, with a newspaper core. This board is Acid-Free and Archival, and will provide your photograph with a safe and eco-friendly home. I think it's a perfect addition to "The Natural World" Collection!


  1. I am loving your work! You have got a new, huuuuuuuuge fan over here!