Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Within Reach" New to My Shop

I have this photo hanging in my studio, slightly above eye level. Many times when I look at a photograph, my mind is so full of associations that it's difficult to try to see it through another's eyes.

This photograph happened so naturally, I have few of these associations. I look at it and I feel inspired. The abundant and gentle light reminds me that there are other forces contributing to my efforts, and sometimes those other forces like to play along.

I shot this photo with film, and was utterly shocked when the roll was developed. I could not have imagined the intense sun flare and radiant light that would appear. That's the magic of photography. I was literally underground when I shot this photo, peering up through an opening, toward trees and sky.

"Within Reach" is one of those photographs that hasn't seen much of the outside world. Aside from being included in one exhibition, it has held a quiet and constant post in my studio.

I've decided to include this photograph in my shop, in hopes that it may provide you with that same quiet and constant inspiration...

Edition Limited to 50, matted to 8x10 or 11x14.

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