Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mister and Misses

If you've visited my home, you know that while there may be a shortage of, well nothing really, there's definitely no shortage of vintage toys. My talented husband has even designed and built beautiful cabinets to showcase our little gems. Cars, trucks, trains, we love them all.

Lately I've been photographing these toys - I started the series a couple of years ago, got distracted, and shelved the idea. Spring is here, and I want to play, so the toys are back in action.

To start off the series I give you "Mister and Misses" now available in my Etsy store. I found these two waiting patiently in a quaint little antique shop in Paris. They've been with me for a couple of years and are quite photogenic, don't you think?

The photographs are printed on a Metallic paper, which really brings out their vintage charm. Stay tuned as the series unfolds, it's sure to be a good time...

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