Friday, August 14, 2009

morning walk with an old friend

This morning I found a Polaroid camera that I hadn't seen in years. Like the genie I have always dreamed of, this little camera granted me three wishes. I grabbed my shoes, headed for the door, and it all felt just like this...

Cheers, it's Friday. I hope you find something unexpectedly wonderful today too.


  1. I love your photographs! So happy to find your blog. I featured you on my blog today. Check it out and yay for roadside finds.

  2. you won't believe this ... but i actually dreamt last night about loading a polaroid camera with film. seeing you and english muse and some others using cameras is getting me dreaming. must be a sing from God to start shooting again!



  3. Timing is endlessly fascinating to me. I say go for it, load that film! I bet you'll be happy you did.