Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Friend Bob Has a Magical House

I hope that you have a friend like Bob, because he's a real gem. He reads the New York Times cover to cover every day, and is a wealth of knowledge on just about any topic. Or so it seems to me.

Over the years I've taken hundreds of photos at Bob's house. I used to look forward to staying there for days at a time, and would arrive with a purse full of film (I've never been one to rely on a camerabag.) His home is like a rotating exhibition of wondrous objects, and I never cease to be inspired. It's not that he tries to make his home so magical, it's just that he's into so many curious things. Sometimes objects are placed deliberately, and other times haphazardly, so that each time I approach his front door, I'm excited to discover what I'll find on the other side.

I met Bob almost ten years ago, when Josh rented a room in his home. Josh lived there for a couple of years, and added some touches of his own, including the blue-sky gradient in the entryway pictured below. (And, you might remember this Doll Head Gate
by day or by night.)


Me and Bob.

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