Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inspired to Step Out

Joyful as it may be, sometimes it seems like such an effort to go out and photograph.
Today I was inspired by this Mocking Bird post, to simply step outside and shoot a photograph. So simple! How could I forget?

It felt so nice to step out for a sunny few minutes, and discover how the day could appear beyond four-walled limitations. You might try it for yourself. If you're not into shooting pictures, well maybe you can just step outside and be.

I hope I can pass along a bit of the inspiration I collected from Mocking Bird -- from Me to You, and from You to Who...?


  1. Hooray Jen!
    I'm so happy you decided to play.
    Your sunny pictures make me happy and warm.
    I can feel that sunshine peeping through the clouds on my back now.

  2. Came across your blog while checking readingo n the mocking bird post.. and i just Love the first and the 3rd photos...kinda also like the 4th one, its kinda funy.. eheh.. nice job!

  3. actually.. i think i like them all.

  4. Your comments make me happy! Love it.