Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovely News

Welcome lovely readers!

This must be the season for blog awards. Turns out I've been nominated in two Lovely categories. To quote the words on the box of my beloved Tru-Vue viewfinder "What thrills! What fun!"

I'd appreciate your vote in either (or both) categories, Favorite Photography Shop or Favorite Photography blog. Simply click here and leave a comment to vote for my shop, or here to leave a comment and vote for my photoblog.

Your encouragement and support add so much to the loveliness of my life and I'm truly grateful.

As if the nominations aren't enough to keep me motivated this morning ... Roadside Photographs got a mention in the San Francisco Examiner as a "stand out" shop. Seems they like my Instant Roadtrip Postcard Sets. Hooray!

To all of you who found your way here via The Lovelies, I'm happy you're here.
I hope you'll kick up your feet and stay a while...

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