Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Etsy.

I've explored the depths of Etsy this week, in search of a perfect birthday gift for Josh. Most people refer to Josh's birthday as "Valentine's Day," but we refer to Valentine's Day as "Josh's birthday." We save the love notes and flowers for any of the year's other 364 special days. Though it wasn't easy, I resisted the urge to buy him everything that made my heart skip a beat. Here are a couple of treasures still waiting to be snapped up!

Set of vintage crayons, unused. Did you know Milton Bradley made crayons?!
available at My Fathers House

Many Mixers, set of 8 cocktail napkins, by Avril Loreti

For tales small or tall...
Found Vintage Style

Smokey the Bear, vintage postcard.
The Postcard Depot

Light and Color library book, rescued by 26 Olive Street
Oh how I love this book...

vintage auto bingo cards
available at lisabretrostyle

vintage 1956 typewriter ad available at FrenchFrouFrou


  1. Those crayons! Wonderful group of items. Thanks for thinking to include us, we appreciate the thought as we are big fans of your work!!

  2. thanks so much for adding my item here on your beautiful blog!
    (and I also love your work)!

  3. Great picks! So much to love:D I couldn't make it thru the post without having to pop over and make a purchase...the Smokey the Bear postcard...if you were curious;) I love Smokey.

    Love your blog and your shop! Thanks for including me!!

  4. thanks for including my smokey bear postcard. I kinda like that ol' bear. I blinked, however, and it sold!

    Nice gallery of Etsy items. I wish I had more time to explore the length & breadth of Etsy - so much to experience. And sooooooooo much creativity! cheers!