Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because Moms are Special

I gave my Mom a "Mom's Motel" print for Christmas and she loved it. She laughed and smiled and all those good things. My parent's house is a haven for us big kids, the grand kids, neighbor kids, you name it. Although not all of Mom's guests stay the night, no one is surprised when we saunter in, two by two, for an impromptu continental breakfast!

Yesterday it occurred to me that this photograph might have been even more fun to give on Mother's Day. So, "Mom's Motel" limited edition metallic prints now start at $20, that's 25% off the regular price! Sizes as small as 5x5 and as large as 10x10.

If you're interested in purchasing a different photograph as a Mother's Day gift, just enter "Mums the Word" in your Buyer's Message, and I'll refund 25% of your entire purchase via Paypal. Yep, 25% off, simply because Moms are special.

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