Friday, April 9, 2010

Shell Shop in Blue

I recently re-printed Shell Shop with a new color palette. What do you think?

The spirit of this new palette reminds me of visiting my Great Aunt Grace's house as a kid. She had thousands of treasures, shiny gemstones and broaches, Pinkie and Blue Boy framed in ruffled gold, and, in her living room, a delicate glass bowl with cascading bunches of faux green grapes.

Although I don't particularly remember sea shells in her home, the instant I worked this photograph into a space that brought up such memories, I knew I had touched home, and ... finis. I'm happy.

"Shell Shop in Blue," now available via Etsy or ABLE+BAKER.


  1. Love this sign! Very vintage. Also, love your photographs of the birds in Bodega. I knew about them, but to see them, awesome! Can I feature that post on my blog Daily Vitamin Sea..., of course with links to you and credit and all?

  2. Sure Maya, that'd be great! Thanks.