Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Adventurers, Days 2 and 3

Here are soome photographs from our brief stint in Flagstaff, Arizona, and our first day in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Las Vegas is a fascinating little town, and soon I will have many photos to share. We arrived just before sunset, to find Vince's Airstream trailer awash in sunlight. She's a beauty!! Check out more of our Airstream photos on Josh's Design Blog. The weather is beautiful, sometimes stormy, and the skies are cloudy and incredible.

Grand Canyon Chop Suey

The Way Home

America, Scene 1

The Painted Desert

The Painted Sky

Airstream Sunset
(Check out more Airstream pictures here!)

A colorful place to rest our weary heads...

Our Room

Awake, enjoying a new day...

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  1. Jen,

    Love the photos. V's airstream is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and see you back in Oakland.