Monday, July 20, 2009

Stormy Skies and Savory Sunsets

I wanted to share a couple of photos this morning, before we begin our travels. We're headed to Santa Fe, Airstream in tow!

Las Vegas, New Mexico has a been a photographic paradise. The character of this town is something I have not encountered previously, and the skies and sunsets have been extraordinary. Really.

Each morning has been clear, sunny, and warm, not a cloud to be found. By mid afternoon storm clouds roll in, and wow, how the rain does fall... Yesterday the raindrops were so heavy, they seemed to penetrate our clothing, and tickle our skin. The storms have passed quickly, and left us with sunsets of brilliant reds over subtle blues and grays.

These photographs are from our first full day in Las Vegas. I hope they give you a sense of the simple beauty we've discovered here... Enjoy!

Custom Body Shop

Private Dumster

Harvey Girls Hangout during the Railroading heyday

Marilyn and the Mariachis
(With a lightning storm outside, we found refuge in an empty bar, located in the Harvey Girls building, pictured above. One drink, then back outside to admire the lightning.)

Sunset on Railroad Road

Thanks to all of you who are keeping an eye on our Adventure. It's been so much fun to share!
I hope your Monday is filled with beautiful skies, wherever you are...

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  1. Beautiful pictures Jen. Keep up the good work.