Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Adventurers Journey Home

Yesterday morning we traveled onward from Farmington, New Mexico

and spotted a couple of beautiful sites on our way out of town.

Made a pitstop in Four Corners, so the Airstream could tell friends back home
that it was in four states at once

The afternoon was hot and dry, and aside from the growing number of tourists
the Four Corners desert felt desolate

We ate traditional Indian veggie tacos for lunch,
which offered cool cool lettuce to quench our thirst

We traveled through Monument Valley
and believed we could be looking at scenes from another planet

The road ahead was a beautiful mix of clear sky and clouds
which eventually gave way to rain.

Flagstaff greeted us with a gentle lightning storm
followed by a perfect half-circle rainbow touching down at the East end of town

We found a Motel on Route 66, with a restaurant and laundry,
everything we had hoped for.

This span of the Route is an active artery into the city, with an authentic character.
You won't find many tourists with cameras or kitschy Route 66 souvenirs here.

We enjoyed a deliciously hearty meal at the Railroad Cafe, which had model trains traveling the perimeter overhead. The waitress was lovely and the place gave us a familiar feeling of home.

After the sun had set, we were inspired to walk around and photograph the restaurant,
and the slick, wet streets. The Airstream transformed into a
pink and blue reflection
of Flagstaff's Route 66.

We roamed around the restaurant, and I took a photograph of Josh quietly absorbing the clean air and railroad charms. He thinks this photo is funny because it looks like he doesn't have any arms, but I love it anyway.

A colorful spot on our colorful journey

It's nice to know that you can leave something today,
and it will still be there for you tomorrow.

You can check out more new Airstream photos on Josh's blog,


  1. the restaurant photos are divine--and homemade soup? yum! you're giving me the road trip bug sooo bad {thanks!} wonderful photos all!

  2. My gosh, your photos are absolutely perfect. I adore them all! I found you via your etsy shop and am so happy I did. Love your aesthetic.