Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Little Elephants, from the Archives

I came across this photograph today and it made me smile. I shot this photo almost fifteen years ago, in the months before I left home and moved up to Berkeley.

In those days, there were expansive fields of fig trees near our home. I loved to photograph their beautifully gnarled limbs. One day I had a whim to tromp through the figs, and I came across an old, rusted trailer, with two little elephants on the side.

I smiled then, and I smile now, at their sweet, simple presence. I love that a person, or a company, decided that as good as it was, the trailer would be even better with these two elephants. If you look closely, you'll see it says "Movin" just above their heads (It really says "Movin On" but the "On" has worn away.) Nervously anticipating my own big move, I was comforted by these two elefantes, and the many moves they must have made.

I shot these photographs with 35mm slide film. A couple of years later, when I began to transition into digital printing, I scanned the slides into Photoshop. These images are from my first round of experimentation with a "digital darkroom," I guess about ten years ago.

So much fun to look back, and keep on movin' on...

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